Why test if newborns can hear?

Why test if newborns can hear?

We believe in early hearing loss identification. This allows for intervention at a young age in it is required. All babies can have their hearing tested before leaving the hospital. If it is not tested by the hospital, have it tested before your 6 week checkup at the pediatrician.

Children need to hear to develop normal speech and language for learning. Children whose hearing loss is not identified until they are two or three years old may suffer from permanently impaired speech and language skills. These can lead to learning, social and emotional difficulties.

How do I know if my baby can hear?

From birth to 4 months, does your baby do the following?

* Awaken or stir at loud sounds

* Startle at loud noises

* Calm at the sound of a familiar voice

* Respond to your voice (Do they smile or make a happy sound?)



If you are worried, contact us to have baby’s hearing tested.


Source: Better Balance and Hearing