Can my baby hear?
September 30, 2017

Can my toddler hear?

Can my toddler hear?

Toddler hearing test by parents

As parents, we  are often the first people to sense that our children might have a hearing problem. It is important to recognize the signs of hearing loss in toddlers as early as possible. The most critical period for speech and language development is from birth to four years of age.  All toddlers can be given a thorough hearing evaluation. The following are age appropriate behaviors for infants and toddlers.

9 to 15 months:

* Babble a lot of different sounds?

* Respond to his/her name?

* Respond to changes in your tone of voice?

* Say “mamma” or “dadda”?

* Understand simple requests?

* Repeat some sounds you make?

* Use his/her voice to attract attention?

15 to 24 months:

* Point to familiar objects when they are named?

* Listen to stories, songs and rhymes?

* Follow simple commands?

* Use several different words?

* Point to body parts when asked?

* Name common objects?

* Put two or more words together?


If you suspect a problem, contact us to  get your child’s hearing tested!



Source: Better Balance and hearing